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BrainDB contains 12 questions on 53 concepts and builds one main CSV file. braindb.csv is 4.7KB uncompressed (1.3KB compressed). Every row is an concept and every concept is one row. Every question is one column and every column is one question. You can also download the typed tree structured data as JSON.

Index Name Question Example Values Coverage Type Source Definition
1 title What is the title of this concept? Acupuncture 53 100% string title.grammar
2 type What kind(s) of concept is this? procedure 53 100% enum type.grammar
3 wikipedia What is the URL of this concept on Wikipedia, if and only if it has a page dedicated to it? 40 75% url wikipedia.grammar
4 appeared What year did this first appear? -100 6 11% integer history.grammar
5 country What country did this first appear in? China 5 9% unspecified country.grammar
6 atlas What is the URL to a brain atlas or virtual atlas for this species? 5 9% url atlas.grammar
7 ebrains What is the URL to an EBrains atlas for this species? 4 8% url ebrains.grammar
8 brainMuseum What is the URL to this species on 4 8% url brainmuseum.grammar
9 model What is a representative of this model? type microbe // https://en.wik 3 6% multilineString model.grammar
10 description What is a short description of this thing? A surgical intervention in whi 1 2% string description.grammar
11 reference What is a URL to a reference about this thing? 1 2% url reference.grammar
12 atlasPaper What is a URL to a paper about an atlas for this species? 1 2% url atlas.grammar

The table above is also available as csv.

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